Empowering The Youth For A Better Future

The Name Of The Foundation

The name of the Foundation is inspired by the Nguni word Elangeni, which means the place of the sun.

The sun is a symbol of life, it provides light for the Earth, sustaining plants and trees that provide food and oxygen for life on Earth. Education is the foundation to a better life. It illuminates, and is empowering.

Elangeni Foundation seeks to light-up the path towards a brighter future for post-school students, and young graduates.

The Challenge

A significant number of previously disadvantaged young South Africans do not further their studies at institutions of higher learning due to lack of, or inadequate financial resources. South Africa has a huge skills deficit which undermines efforts to grow the economy and ensure prosperity for all. Youth unemployment is a persistent and growing phenomenon that is leading to a multitude of social problems, and exacerbating poverty and inequality.

Our Objective

The sole objective of the Elangeni Foundation is to provide bursaries and scholarships to eligible undergraduate and post-graduate students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Focus

The target group for Elangeni Foundation are students between the ages of 18 and 25, for enrolment to undergraduate and post-graduate studies at South African institutions of higher learning and universities abroad.

The Youth Is The Hope For The Future